In Wake of High Profile Sexual Harassment Cases & Allegations Avitus Group Releases Sexual Harassment Best Practices Guide for Employers; Encourages Proactive Policies

Investigate, investigate, investigate. It is critical that all allegations of harassment be taken seriously and investigated immediately.

“Harassment and sexual harassment unfortunately is a reality of the workplace. With high-profile cases and allegations such as Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein coming to light recently, employers are looking for answers. They want to ensure they are offering the best working conditions for all employees,” says Avitus Group’s Montana-based Director of Human Resources & Risk Management Ryan Braley.

“Avitus Group makes sure our members are educated on workplace policy and are able to be in compliance with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or EEOC’s laws, regulation and guidance on harassment and sexual harassment. We’re offering our best practices guide in an effort to help workplaces nationwide take a more proactive approach regarding sexual harassment,” says Avitus Group’s Colorado-based Regional Human Resources & Operations Manager Dawn Holdon.

The Avitus Group Sexual Harassment Best Practices Guide for Employers highlights 10 items critical to workplace compliance and sexual harassment policy for employers. Employers who are following best practices should be able to answer yes to each question within the guide. For example: 1. My company has a zero tolerance policy for harassment and retaliation and it enforces the policy. 2. My company provides specific sexual harassment training for management and supervisors at least every two years. My company also provides specific sexual harassment training for new managers and supervisors within 6 months of their promotion and/or hiring. 3. My company provides as many avenues as possible for reporting sexual harassment, including an anonymous harassment hotline available for all employees.

If businesses are not able to answer yes to all 10 questions within the guide, Avitus Group, as one of the largest employers in the co-employment industry nationwide, serves a resource for further information. Additionally, the guide cautions companies to make sure they are not only in compliance with federal regulation and law, but with state-specific laws.

“Employers should note that certain states have more specific laws regarding…

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