In the Midst of Earthquakes, Scandals and Politics, World Vasectomy Day Sets a New Precedent for Masculinity

In the midst of political tension, a year of striking sexual abuse revelations in male-dominated industries and a catastrophic natural disaster, the fifth anniversary of World Vasectomy Day – the largest male-focused family planning event in history – will redefine responsible masculinity from its headquarters in Mexico City.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration wasted little time reducing access to reproductive health services after assuming office. With the reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy (or “global gag rule”), funding for and access to reproductive health products and services around the world diminished overnight.

September 19th’s 7.1-magnitude earthquake, which toppled upwards of 40 buildings and killed 369 in central Mexico, has disrupted family planning services even further.

Perhaps more damaging is the continuing disparity between men and women all over the world and the ongoing debate of their respective roles in society. With a year of headlines covering men abusing their positions of power, there has never been a more prescient time for an international movement to cultivate positive masculinity.

To address these widened gaps in care and the greater promotion of gender equality, World Vasectomy Day has partnered with the Centro Nacional de Equidad de Género y Salud Reproductiva (National Center for Gender Equity and Reproductive Health), DKT Mexico and DKT International to spark discussions about male responsibility and promote vasectomies as a safe, effective and reliable birth control option.

Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of family planning in Mexico, an entire week’s worth of vasectomies and events have been organized. On November 17, World Vasectomy Day will be celebrated in over 50 countries with a 24-hour live-streamed vasectomy-athon, including vasectomies, conversations and media from its headquarters in Mexico. Worldwide, it is expected that over 15,000 vasectomies will be performed by 1,200 vasectomists in honor of World Vasectomy Day. The broadcast will e-travel from country to country in an effort to unite a global movement committed to celebrating responsible masculinity and gender equity in family planning.

Two days later, on November 19th, World Vasectomy Day will host an event at the…

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