In some Inland classrooms, it’s goodbye desks, hello bean bags and yoga mats – Orange County Register

A visit to Christine Richens’ classroom at Corona Ranch Elementary School feels like a trip to Starbucks.

Neat rows of desks, plastic chairs and fluorescent lights have been replaced by couches, coffee tables, faux leather chairs, bar stools, rugs and lamps. Students put their belongings in lockers and storage compartments near the wallpaper that looks like wood paneling.

“It’s warm and inviting,” Richens said. “It’s like you’re in your own living room.”

Richens transformed her fifth-grade classroom over the summer, spending hours painting and sanding furniture she got from friends, Goodwill, online shopping, garage sales and her home.

The change shocked administrators, colleagues, parents and students.

“I was speechless,” Principal Jeane Trevino said. “I couldn’t believe it. It’s almost like a café feel.”

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