Improve Your Health With A Glass Of Wine

Getting healthy is one of the best things you can do for yourself, which probably explains why there’s such a major push towards fitness these days. And while exercise and dieting are integral parts of staying healthy, along with things like avoiding smoking, they’re also a challenge for some of us. That’s why it’s so refreshing to find out that you can improve your health with something as simple and enjoyable as a glass of wine.

Before you start jumping out of your seat with joy, remember that you can’t improve your health in every way just by downing a few glasses of red. Drinking wine isn’t going to help you lose weight or cure diabetes or anything so profound, and you’ll still need to focus on a healthy overall lifestyle. Additionally, you can’t go overboard. Just because a single glass of wine per day can improve your health doesn’t mean that you’ll get ten times the benefits by drinking a whole bottle.

However, when imbibed in moderation, there is no doubt that red wine can improve your health. Numerous studies have been conducted into its benefits on your body, and the results are astounding in some cases. Perhaps the biggest area of health improvement that is linked to wine is the heart and cardiovascular system. There are studies that have shown that alcohol can increase good cholesterol by 20% when it’s used along with exercise and good diet. This can lower the risk of certain kinds of heart disease.

A new study has found that women drinkers actually score better on mental functionality tests than those who don’t drink at all. This boost came from one single drink per day, and moderate drinkers were shown to have a 23% reduced chance of gradual mental decline as they aged. You can improve your health in terms of mental and physical health by having a glass of wine per day.

There are also numerous studies that have been done into the antioxidants found in red wine. Antioxidants can improve your health, boost immune system, reduce the chance of developing…

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