Important Tips to Choose Your PDQ Rolls Supplier

The advent of electronic payments had made PDQ (Process Data Quickly) Terminals very popular with almost all brick and mortar businesses allowing their customers electronically. The PDQ terminals need to be fed with paper rolls which are often termed as thermal paper rolls since they are chemically coated and change colour when exposed to heat. A well-to-do store would use many till rolls in a day’s business and source it from a supplier on a regular basis. Like all other purchases for your business you will need to be choosy about the suppliers you choose for PDQ rolls to ensure you get the best quality product at the best price. Here are some of the important tips which will lead you to a professional PDQ rolls supplier.

  • Personal Recommendations – If you are new in the market it might be a herculean task to find the best PDQ rolls supplier is through personal recommendations. Ask your peers in the business community for recommendations.  In most cases the suppliers who they source their rolls from would have a proven track record. This saves you from the ordeal of having to compare between the rates and products of different suppliers.
  • Product Range – PDQ rolls come in different dimensions such as 57x57mm, 80x80mm, 37x39mm etc. and you need to the kind of roll required for your PDQ terminals before looking for the supplier. You can browse through the website of the supplier and find out if they deal in the required. Apart from this you also need to consider the quality of the rolls before placing your order.
  • Cost – This is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to choosing a supplier for your PDQ rolls. You need to carry out a comprehensive background research on the suppliers and know the price of the rolls. Compare the price between different suppliers as this will give you the best deal in the market.  You should also see the discounts available on bulk purchases as this can further reduce the money that you spend on the thermal till rolls.
  • Order and Delivery – You can place your orders online with a reputed supplier which adds to your convenience. Apart from this a good supplier should ship the products to you free of cost. However there are a few suppliers who might charge you the shipping cost. So you need to verify beforehand if they are changing you for the shipping. It is also advisable that you choose a supplier who is geographically close to you as this will ensure faster delivery of the product.
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