Important Steps For Hot Tub Maintenance

Over 26,000 hot tubs are produced in the country every single year. Sales are expected to increase by 20 to 30 percent over the next few years. The tubs provide a way for families to relax after a busy week. They are also popular for entertaining. The tubs are relatively easy to install and are simple to use. They do still need some regular attention especially after heavy use. Every homeowner will need to take several basic steps throughout the year in order to keep a hot tub in good condition.

Keep Water Clean

One of the most basic maintenance tasks is keeping the water clean. The first line of defense is maintaining the correct balance of chemicals the water. Most tubs will need to have more chemicals added every month. Chemicals should also be added according to the manufacturer instructions whenever the water starts to appear cloudy. It is usually best to drain and replace the water occasionally. This might be necessary every two to three weeks if the tub is used on a daily basis. The chemical balance in the water will directly affect the people sitting in the basin. Overly treated water will cause skin irritation. Undertreated water will not kill bacteria.

Check The Pump And Heater

The internal components should be checked occasionally. Any leaking plumbing parts should be tightened immediately or replaced. The same is true if a part looks corroded even if it is not leaking. The pump and heater should not be making any unusual noises and should not be emitting any off or burning odors. Pumps that start malfunctioning or performing below normal standards are usually either clogged or damaged internally. It is best to completely replace a malfunctioning pump rather than replace individual pieces. The filter should also be removed and cleaned or replaced at least once every two to three months.

Cover The Basin

All hot tubs should have some type of cover. Nearly all models have a matching cover for when the tub is not in use. There are even lifting devices that…

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