Important Information on decontamination showers and eyewash equipment

Where there are dangerous chemicals or materials, accidents are bound to happen. You can wear protective clothing, helmets, goggles etc., but still accidents do happen. In industrial settings, safety is paramount and owners have to take utmost care in designing the safety protocols for the employees. It is said that the first 10 to 15 seconds are very crucial for any kind of accidents in the factory floor. In fact, this time is further reduced if the worker is exposed to highly corrosive or hazardous fumes or chemicals. A delay of even a few seconds can have detrimental effects on the affected person.


For on-the-spot decontamination, emergency showers and eyewash stations are installed at strategic places. These decontamination or eyewash equipment needs to be just a few feet away from the employee work areas so that they can be accessible in the nick of time. The decontamination showers and eyewash equipment help in flushing out hazardous chemicals or substances from the eyes and other parts of the body. The smooth flow of water from the decontamination showers and eyewash equipment ensures that the damage is minimal.


Even with good engineering controls and excellent safety precautions, accidental chemical exposures can still occur. Therefore, it is important to look beyond helmets and goggles when there are hazardous chemicals around. The decontamination showers and eyewash equipment are considered to be necessary backup to reduce the effects of accidental exposure to hazardous chemicals.


When you are buying decontamination units for your facility, you should have a look at decontamination showers in Houston because they have some of the best emergency units. These decontamination showers meet the required safety guidelines and have attractive price tags as well. There are local occupational health and safety agencies or authorities that look into the details of the decontamination showers and eyewash equipment. They have also laid down some specific…

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