Important information for Property Investors interested to Invest in Australia


According to Lauchlan Leishman, Australian property market is one of those places where you can park your money to get higher returns. Investors, especially after the real estate bubble burst in the US, are very cautious about their investment decisions. The financial market meltdown followed by deep economic crisis in the United States has shaken confidence of the investors across the world. Large scale foreclosures, on one hand, along with inability of the banks / lenders in selling the foreclosed houses caused a grave situation. This catch 22 situation shook confidence of the entire investor community. They started frantically to find other safe havens for their money. This is when Australian market got more prominence. Investors started to invest their money in the property market of Australia. This is when Lauchlan Leishman felt the need to guide investor community across the world regarding investment opportunities in real estate market of Australia.

Before coming to the Australian property market scenario, let us first go through the American property market. Some of the pockets in the USA are still witnessing low value of real estate. Let us explore some of the examples to check the reality. In normal times, a 3-bedroom house would have priced anywhere between US$300,000 and US$400,000. However, at present such a property is available at US$ 100,000. A buyer is not confident in buying at this level too because he / she is not sure whether the price will fall further. This is the reason why investors want to park their money in economies that are stable. One such economy that is not only stable but is witnessing great economic health even in this decelerating world economic conditions.

Is Investing in Australia worth it?

Yes, Australia is the most happening place right now. This is one of the most viable economies at present. Over the last 10 years, investment in Australian property market has proved to be highly secured. If figures are to be believed then you will find that the average rate of return in these years has been 8% in the metropolitan markets.

Apart from its economically viable conditions, the place is a visual treat. Soothing climatic condition, lush greeneries, lots of sunlight, great nightlife, shopping arcades and wildlife makes this place. Blue sea, sea-beaches and busy city life will provide you with everything you are looking for. Kangaroo, Koala and other wildlife will make the place that more inhabitable. Therefore,…

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