Importance of Crushing Process in Grinding

The raw materials that need crushing in the production of cement industry come mainly from mining and thermal firing. Accordingly, prior to the pulverizing, the inside of these materials have varying degrees of the lattice defects and fine cracks. Under the action of external mechanical forces, the internal cohesion of material is damaged; stress wave has propagation to all the directions and the stress concentration is produced in its internal defects, cracks, lattice interface, etc., so that the material first crackle along these fragile surface to be crushed cost of plant and machinery for iron ore processing. Meanwhile, within the particles of different sizes after being crushed, there will be different degrees of lattice defects and fine cracks due to the different external mechanical forces, which lay the foundation for the energy-saving and high-yielding of the ball mill grinding process of. This means that: the external force gives the material kinetic energy, and converts it to the deformation energy to generate a large stress concentration in the interior, which is the main reason to cause the material to be crushed. Pre-grinding process not only makes the material particle size to be grinded smaller, but also makes the grindability of the materials improved.

From another perspective, the ball mill is a kind of grinding equipment which has low energy utilization, especially the first part that regards the grinding body as the main part. Most of the energy is consumed by the collision fever and noise, the real energy for crushing work is small. In the pre-grinding process, the commonly known concept of more crushing, less grinding and replacing the grinding with crushing means that it is necessary to use the crushing equipment that has higher energy utilization rate to replace the first positions of the ball mill grinding work, so that the ball mill can fully play its grinding role. Thus, different equipment can play different advantages in the grinding system configuration, which has great significance for the energy-saving and high-yielding of the grinding process.

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