‘I’m just going to keep trying and trying’: Grade 2 student makes pitch for soccer at school – Prince Edward Island

Carter Henry plays soccer every recess at Central Queens Elementary in Hunter River, P.E.I., but it’s still not enough.

He’d like Central Queens to have a school team, complete with jerseys and the chance to travel to other schools.

According to the Prince Edward Island School Athletic Association, there are four elementary sports where students can advance to a championship: wrestling, track and field, gymnastics, and cross country running.

But the association said schools can arrange events with other schools, if they like, if the demand is there. 

Henry, currently in Grade 2, would like soccer added to the list.

Carter Henry’s letter contains three reasons why the school needs a soccer team. (Randy McAndrew/CBC)

Making his pitch

He made his pitch in a letter he wrote as a class project.

He gives three reasons: 

“1. Having a school soccer team would give us more exercise because we’re running all the time.

“2. It would be a school tradition for us to watch because most people love soccer and it’s the most popular sport in the world. It’s good for the community and we won’t be stuck inside.

“3. It would give us more sportsmanship and get to know and meet people.”

Carter Henry, left, plays soccer with his classmates at Central Queens Elementary. (Randy McAndrew/CBC)

‘A great letter’

Tara Deglan-Gallant, principal of Central Queens Elementary, is the Mrs. D that the letter is addressed to.

“Carter’s a very persuasive little guy and he is very articulate and I think it’s a great letter,” said Deglan-Gallant.

“Soccer’s really popular here. The Hunter River community is a huge soccer community, there’s a great big complex up there, a lot of the kids play soccer.”

Central Queens principal Tara Deglan-Gallant receives quite a few persuasive letters during the school year and sometimes the requests are granted. (Randy McAndrew/CBC)

Persuasive writing

Deglan-Gallant receives lots of requests, such as the one from Carter Henry for a…

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