IllusionPhotograph Offers Unique Photography and Positive Art With the Launch of

IllusionPhotograph founder Beatrice Pitocco has announced the recent launch of her online gallery for photography prints and more. Her online community allows for people seeking positive art for their homes or their businesses to add a unique stamp to their spaces that helps to create the perfect atmosphere. Finding unique photography can be a challenge, but you’re sure to find plenty to love at IllusionPhotograph.

A note from Beatrice mentions that “Life is Illusion. In truth what we see is often what we want to see. Reality is blurred and each one of us seeks to find the mystery in the mundane. It was on such a journey that was born. Art and creativity are what differentiate humans from other beings; it is our divine knowledge to see beyond sight, and express ourselves through words, paintings, or photography that distinguishes us from each other. What you see, and what you feel, is unique. The seer is always seeing what is in their own hearts.” is an online platform/portal that showcases unique works of art and seeks out artists who have a story to tell. Founder Beatrice Pitocco, has always had a passion for creativity and her photography, all of which is captured with an iPhone, is digitally enhanced to bring forth color. Bright colors often bring out the beauty that already exists. In a world that can be dark and dreary, Beatrice’s photos strive to capture the colorful world as she sees it.

Aviva Levy is one of IllusionPhotograph’s first Featured Artists. Asked to describe herself, Aviva says, “I don’t have the best of everything–I just try to make the best of everything. To appreciate the unknown moments of beautiful, awestruck silence and wonder. The intangible.” Her Lady in Waiting is a prime example of awestruck silence and wonder, come to life, in artform.

Another current Featured Artist is Rolando Diaz, a Cuban American artist. Diaz believes that “art is an expression of life.” Everything we see, feel, touch, smell, and hear, in one way or another becomes part of the images expressed on canvas. is proud to showcase Mr. Diaz’s Peace Painting, a 30×40 Original Oil Painting.

IllusionPhotograph offers photography in any medium you might prefer–images…

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