Ideas on How to Save Energy


Despite the price of gas recently lowering, the overall price of energy is still on the up. This energy cost accounts for a significant percentage of many businesses monthly outgoings. The following article offers many helpful tips on how to save energy, which should also hopefully help you save money.


Know your Usage


To begin with you should find out how much energy you are using, this will give you a good starting point. The only way you can make a change is by working out what needs doing and how you can achieve it. You should look at the last years worth of energy bills and plot the trends to see where energy usage is at its highest. Things to look for include specific times of the day in which your energy use is particularly high, obviously there will be times of the year in which your energy consumption is higher due to weather and temperature. It is also worth taking your meter reading yourself, just to clarify that youre are paying the right amount. If you find this difficult there are products available that can help you.


Know your costs


Many people pay whatever cost they are given when it comes to energy bills, you should always check them thoroughly to make sure they are right and you are only paying what you owe. Are you getting the most for what you pay from your current provider? Would a change of provider benefit you? This information is available online, so you can compare your costs to those of competing providers.


Reduce your usage


One of the best ways to lower your cost is by focusing on lowering your usage, by making small changes here you can really make a difference. You will make an even greater impact if your entire workforce contributes. 


More ways to save energy: 


If something is not being used then switch it off.

A PC left on constantly can cost over £40 a year more in electricity than one switched off at the end of each day.

Try not to go crazy with the heating either.

Overheating is commonplace in the majority of offices and shops.

Even just a minor change in the lowering of your thermostat can lead to significant savings.

The cheapest way to cool a space when it gets too hot is to open a window or two rather than rely on air conditioning.

It doesnt take much of an effort to make sure things arent left switched on when they arent being used.

Leaving things in stand-by mode also uses a surprising amount of energy.

Keep drafts out in the winter by making sure all windows and doors are kept…

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