Ibis Capital® Announces Upcoming Cyber Security Event

Ibis Capital®, an independent wealth management firm for successful families seeking to achieve financial freedom, announced today that it will hold its annual Fall client education event on Thursday, September 28.

This year’s topic will feature a timely discussion about cyber security, presented by industry veteran John O’Connor, president of Birch Meadow Advisors, a provider of risk and security services.

“I am thrilled to have John lead the discussion about such a critical subject. With cybercrime at an all-time high, we need to arm ourselves with as much information as possible to protect ourselves,” said Robert Meyer, CEO and CIO of Ibis Capital. “John draws on decades of experience in the financial security industry, making him a valued expert in this field.”

Businesses and private citizens alike are made targets as cyber intrusions become more commonplace, more dangerous, and more sophisticated, says the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s cyber division.

“We believe that educating our clients on such a universally impactful topic is part of our commitment to serving their best interests. Knowledge is power,” said Meyer.

Current and prospective clients are invited to attend the event, which will include appetizers, cocktails, and dinner.

Ibis Capital Cyber Security Event

Cyber Security: Learn How to Protect Yourself Online, At Home and When You Travel

Thursday, September 28, 2017

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

For location information and to register for the event, visit the Ibis Capital events page at http://ibiscapital.com/events/cyber-security-event/ or email partners(at)ibiscapital.com.

About John O’Connor

John O’Connor is president of Birch Meadow Advisors, LLC. Until June of this year, Mr. O’Connor was executive vice president, Fidelity security services, and served as Fidelity’s chief security officer. For over a decade, he oversaw the protection of information and assets for 45,000 employees and 60 million customer accounts. He now serves as a consultant to Fidelity and the FBI. Mr. O’Connor also serves as a guest lecturer at Boston College’s graduate program in cyber security. Prior to joining Fidelity, Mr. O’Connor spent 20 years as a forensic accounting partner at Deloitte with significant risk and security expertise. His experience also includes…

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