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Sunday September 10, 2017

What do a political organizer, a veteran, and a White House reporter all have in common?

All three of them were blocked by the 45th President of the United States on Twitter. 

“I couldn’t believe that it was real,” political organizer Holly O’Reilly says. “Like the President of the United States took time out of his, I guess, busy schedule to block me with his own little thumbs.. on Twitter. So, I was shocked. I was, I was incredulous. I kind of laughed at it at first.”

But soon, the seriousness of the blocking started to settle in.

“When he started blocking people and organizations who should never be blocked from what the President is Tweeting and what his office says are formal and official White House and Presidential statements.. that’s when I started to get angry.”

This is the tweet that got Holly O’Reilly blocked

“It didn’t take very much out of my day to reply with dumb memes and Tweets to Trump. It took like five minutes max out of my day to do that. So for me, it isn’t a huge issue for me personally. But, more broadly, I think that it’s a huge First Amendment rights issue.When you talk about several hundred, possibly or maybe even thousands of people who are blocked from seeing the President’s Tweets, the President’s statements.”

Will Fischer is the Director of Government relations for VoteVets.org, which represents more than 500, 000 veterans from all 50 states. 

Will couldn’t believe that the blocking was real at first.

“The first thing I thought was wow I wonder what kind of  group I’ve joined. It was only a few hours later that I found out that the American author Stephen King had been blocked the same morning we had. And since then, quite a few other folks including many other of my fellow veterans have also lifted up the fact that they’ve been blocked by the President of the United States on Twitter as…

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