I Heard About A Shark Attack

Ever since my children were little, my husband and I have been taking them on beach vacations. So my kids have grown up with an honest love of the ocean. Even my youngest child loves to run by the side of the ocean and to wake up to the sound of the waves. My own childhood was filled with various beach vacations and cruises on the ocean. I have never given safety much of a thought on our family’s beach vacations, but last year we heard a story about a shark attack that had happened just miles from our condo’s location on the Pacific.

If you’re anything like me, than hearing about a shark attack is something that is usually reserved for over-dramatic movies or for documentaries of crazy people who go swimming with sharks and living on the edge of death just for a thrill. So I’ll admit that when I heard about the shark attack that happened in Northern California just miles from our own beach condo, I was more than a bit skeptical about its truth and about the way it would affect my family’s vacations.

The story goes that there was a family much like my own that was vacationing on the shore of the Pacific. Like us, this family had never had any problems with even potential shark attacks during their vacations. Instead, they had always felt pretty safe with their children near and in the water. They were vacationing like they did each summer and the parents were busy watching their newborn while the older children played near the water. To make a long story short, the two oldest children started swimming a little too far from shore when a shark attacked the oldest child. Feeling helpless but seeing the immediate need of his older sister, the oldest son of the family went toward the shark attack in an attempt to save his sister. Both children were brutally killed by the shark while the parents were on shore tending to their infant baby.

The story is dramatic, traumatic, and terrible. I share it only to say that shark attacks are real and that they happen to real…

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