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The Irvine Swim League continued its 32nd season with a very successful and competitive first meets on Saturday, June 24.

Heritage Park Seals take on the Oak Creek Orcas

The Seals had 90 time improvements in their meet with the Oak Creek Orcas.

Heritage Park also took first place in 11 of 12 relay events throughout the day.

Relay teams to take first included the 5-6 age group team of Breize Borroto, Giny Kim, Grayden Gibson and Naiya Michelsen), the 7-8 team  of Blayze Borroto, Sanvi Kambal, Bravo Borroto and Armeen Goshtasbi, the 9-10 team of Emily Kamfar, Gavin Lee, Georgia Downs and Sophie Lee, the 11-12 team of Sunny Wang, Olivia Cai, Ethan Ongkeko and Matthew Yu, and the 15-18 team of Garrick Ho, Kyle Pendleton, Larry Lai and Noelle Yanagawa. Winning freestyle relays were the 5-6 team of Naiya Michelsen, Breize Borroto, Grayden Gibson and Giny Kim), the 7-8 team of Blayze Borroto, Alex Jeon, Sanvi Kambal and Armeen Goshtasbi), the 9-10 team of Ryan Hayes, Audrey Mariano, Sophie Lee and Emily Kamfar, the 11-12 team of Sunny Wang, Olivia Cai, Matthew Yu and Ethan Ongkeko, the 13-14 team of Ryan Yu, Shaun Walkman, Esmar Walkman and Ainsley Zapata and the 15-18 team of Davy Luoma, Noelle Yanagawa, Garrick Ho and Kyle Pendleton.

In butterfly events, Giny Kim, Sanvi Kambal, Brooke Schultz, Gavin Lee and Ryan Yu each finished in first place.

Additionally, 21 Seals achieved time improvements in butterfly events, including Blayze Borroto, Samantha Wilson, Olivia Cai, Evan Dillon, Christian Chung, Sunny Wang and Maily Nguyen.

In the backstroke events, Sophie Mariano, Isabelle Parker, Sophie Lee, Gavin Lee,…

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