Police are considering filing manslaughter charges related to the fire at a west London apartment tower that killed at least 79 people. (June 23)

The massive west London high-rise fire that killed 79 people in mid June is prompting a local housing council to evacuate 800 residents for safety reasons from apartment buildings it owns.

The Camden Council announced Friday it was making the move involving five buildings — or housing blocks — immediately.

“If you have friends or family you can stay with tonight, please do so,” the council said in the statement. “To ensure your safety we are door knocking the blocks one at a time.”

The move comes amid heightened safety concerns among residents of the thousands of high rises or tower blocks around Britain. The Camden Council is the first such group to take such a dramatic step since the June 14 crippling blaze at Grenfell Tower.
Georgia Gould, head of the Camden Council, said the decision comes after the London Fire Brigade and local experts investigated the properties, and that the move will allow for fire safety work.

“We anticipate that these works will be completed in three or four weeks,” she said in the statement. “We realize that this is hugely distressing for everyone affected and we will be doing all we can, alongside the London Fire Brigade and other authorities, to support our residents at this difficult time. The Grenfell fire changes everything – we need to do everything we can to keep residents safe,” Gould added.

The immediacy is due to the fact that fire officials said the apartments were not safe to sleep in Friday night, Gould explained.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said via Twitter that “there is a particular set of circumstances” in the area affected that made the immediate…