HR Open Standards Answers HR Data Protection Concerns with HR-JSON Data Protection Standard

HR Open Standards Consortium released an HR-JSON Data Protection Standard to empower organizations handling employee data.

The number of companies experiencing data breaches is at an all-time high and still on the rise according to the Identify Theft Resource Center (ITRC), reporting the grim reality of a 40% increase in U.S data breaches alone in 2016 from the previous year with a record-breaking 1093 data breaches. As the world grows more interconnected “Questionmark is excited to see the release of the HR Open Standards Data Protection schema which will be extremely helpful for those seeking to comply with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ” said John Kleeman, Founder and Executive Director at Questionmark.

“The GDPR will help individuals gain control over their personal data and enhance trust and adoption of new digital services, and will require organizations worldwide to take data protection more seriously with effective risk management, learning, assessment and compliance programs.”

The urgency for global standards and guidelines that inform interconnected systems on the legal use of and transfer of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data between HR systems has increased proportionately as the data privacy legislation ecosystem has evolved.

A Standards-Based Solution for Current HR Data Protection Concerns

In response to unfolding global Data Privacy regulations, HR Open Standards Consortium has released a Data Protection Policy schema that guides organizations handling PII to third parties to include data privacy requirements via metadata.

The Data Protection schema describes metadata that can be included with employee data to stipulate data privacy requirements. The Data Protection specification includes use cases to assist organizations in contextualizing the schema’s data types within their existing schema including Assessments, Benefits Enrollment, Recruiting and others. The metadata tags that stipulate data privacy requirements for employee data include Retention Date, Retention Days, and Geographical Restrictions for Storage, View and Edit.

“The timeliness of a globally pertinent Data Protection data standard is obvious as one considers the unifying objective of the GDPR and similar…

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