Howell Woltz, Author of Justice Restored, Slams Prison Reforms Lacking Restoration of Habeas Corpus, Right to Bail, and Speedy, Public Trial

Howell Woltz, Author of Justice Restored: Ten Steps to End Mass Incareration in America

The issue is how we fill prisons, not on what happens when U.S. citizens get there.

Howell Woltz, author of “Justice Restored: Ten Steps to End Mass Incarceration in America,” rebukes quick-fix prison reforms that fail to restore a citizen’s rights to habeas corpus, the right to bail, and the right to a speedy and public trial, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. “The issue is how we fill the prisons,” reports Howell Woltz, “not on what happens when U.S. citizens get there.”

Recently, in North Carolina, investigative reports of prison corruption involving beaten, shackled prisoners, drugs, sex and gang violence seared the headlines. Public outrage prompted the governor and lawmakers to declare bipartisan shock, zero tolerance and a determined boost of higher pay and the training of all prison guards as corrective remedies.

“Prison is a horrifying disease,” retorts Howell Woltz, published author and ex-prisoner himself. “Restoration of due process of law is its only prevention.”

Woltz spent seven years in federal prison, though never tried or convicted in any court of jurisdiction. His earlier book, “Justice Denied,” speaks of his arrest just outside his home in North Carolina. Both he and his wife were charged with conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government, jailed and illegally held, without bail, by the prosecutors.

The Kirkus Review describes his story as a “memoir of judicial tyranny.”

Today, Howell Woltz is a strong advocate for judicial reform. The first step, he asserts, is the restoration of habeas corpus or the right for anyone jailed to appear before a court of jurisdiction where his captors…

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