How You Can Increase Brain Power In 7 Simple Actions

How do you eat a Giraffe? The answer is “You eat one bite at a time”, this applies to any large task that you have to take on, one step at a time, any large task is always the same answer, anything in life that most people would find impossible should always be tackled step by step going one step at a time, you can tackle and accomplish anything by working this way, never forget this, steps maybe smaller but you will always get there in the end.
Things that life throws at you become doable, and when you get to the end, you look back at the thing as a whole, and ever wonder how you managed to accomplish such a task.
Working this way is the best way for increasing Brain Power, below are 7 simple steps for increasing your Brain Power.
 Step 1. Staying fit and healthy is key, and is you will need plenty of sleep and daily exercise, to allow your body to work as well as your brain, you should look at it this way, having a weak body will give you a weak mind, and in turn will weaken the way that you think.
Step 2. It is very important that you follow Mind Programming Methods/Programs, this will stimulate the brain and will stimulate the brain to function much better.
Step 3. Practise memorising lots of information, a lot more than you usually do, this will stimulate the brain to remember lots more information, by exercising your brain this way, you are training your brain to allow it to store lots more information as well.
Step 4. I’m not an advocate of taking pills, but you can take Nutritional Supplements for the brain, these by the way are credible vitamins that have been created for the brain especially
Step 5. Nowadays you will hear school children talking about Mind Mapping, learning to mind map is a good thing for the brain as it represents ideas through pictures, the brain loves visuals, and allows the information to be easily understood and recalled by the brain.
Step 6. Recalling the day’s information is also another good way of exercising the brain.

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