How You Can Get the Most out of Your Wine Shopping Experience

When it comes to wine shopping, both the novice and the expert wine buyer have the same exact fear – the fear of getting ripped off. It’s only reasonable, considering how expensive wine can be. The good news is you can go about shopping for wine and actually end up getting the perfect bottle all the time. It may take some time for you to master the skills, but when you get the hang of things, you will no doubt become the confident wine buyer you want to be.


You Gotta Have a Plan


The wine buyer who knows what he wants before going to the store always has a higher chance of ending up with the exact bottle he needs than the one who simply walks in the store with no exact type of wine in mind. Having said that, make sure you have a plan and know what you need even before leaving your house.


Choose a Store that Works for You


Different wine shops have different focus and selections. They also have different structures when it comes to pricing. Whether you usually do your shopping online or at wine stores near you, always consider a store that works for you. For instance, if you’re new to the world of wines, a store where every bottle costs over $50 is not the right one for you. And as much as possible, pick a store that offers wine tastings, particularly to beginners.


Take Advantage of Your Resources


Resources such as magazines, books, and brochures can be very valuable when you’re shopping for wine and it’s your first time. They can provide you with tips in choosing which vintage to buy or from which producer to buy from. Don’t be embarrassed to bring one with you to the store if necessary to increase your chances of getting that perfect bottle of wine.


Make the Store Owner Your Best Friend


This is a very important rule a lot of beginners fail to follow. Establishing a relationship with the owner and staff of your favorite wine shop is crucial because it automatically means getting valuable insider tips whenever you do your shopping. After a…

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