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Wallpaper, a perennial wallflower for many, has blossomed into a design winner in prints, florals, geometrics and even murals.

And there’s a new twist – it even comes in removable form making it more versatile and inviting to those who want to venture beyond paint without a big commitment.

Today’s wallpaper is tough, washable and fade-resistant. Produced on paper and vinyl with self-adhesive materials, the process of applying it is simply a peel-and-stick activity. It’s easier to use, adds a visual punch to a space and suddenly is appealing again.

Commit and get ready to roll.

“Wallpaper has changed just like any product. The technology used allows people to eliminate a lot of steps in putting it up and taking it down,’’ said Carol Miller, branch manager of York Wallcoverings in New York. “Think of it as a wardrobe for your walls letting you express your personality.”

York Wallcoverings has been in the business since 1895 and now offers 11,000 prints in residential prints. “Wallpaper is in right now because interior designers understand the warmth and texture it can bring as a backdrop or focal wall for big impact,’’ she said. A whole generation used paint and didn’t know anything about wallpaper except its reputation for being difficult. That’s changed, too.

With so many choices on the market, it may be time to let go of your wallpaper hang-ups.

Greg McAllister, president of All American Wallpapering Inc. in Murrieta, chuckles when he hears talk about the resurgence of wallpaper. “I’ve been in the business for 40 years. I’ve seen trends come and go and I’m always surprised that people ask me about wallpaper being back. I say it never went away.’’

Wallpaper isn’t new, but the way it’s being used is, said McAllister. “The style is to do accent walls, not entire walls, especially with textured papers. And people are doing murals with lots of details. Every period of time has had its own choices – foils, stripes, flowers and everything Tuscany – but now grass cloth is king.’’

Styles aside, the introduction of so many removable types broadens choices even more, allowing designers, homeowners, renters, event planners and collegians a way to permanently or temporarily decorate their spaces with high impact looks, according to Julia Biancella Au, company co-founder/ chief executive officer of Tempaper and Jennifer Matthews, company co-founder/design director.

There is now more of a DIY approach to…

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