How to Write and Implement an Employee Training Program

By: John R. Daly

© 2013


The definition of employee training refers to the methods used to provide employees with the business skills they will need to perform their work-related activities. There are many reasons to establish a formal employee-training program. Employee training sets clear expectations regarding the responsibilities and the work that is anticipated of both for those hired recently and current employees.

The goal of the training should be clearly defined at the onset. The employee must be able to understand the importance of training to achieve effective learning. The development of the training program must begin with clear goals. What is the result to be achieved in the training? The answer will be the definition of the training goal.

Never use a training program that was originally designed to be placed into application for another company, or training programs sold on line that can be best described as “pre-packed or canned” and not relevant for your training needs. If needed, make sure that employees are both competent and understand their role and responsibility in organizational structure, give them the specialized knowledge that they need. This means not only constant review and updating the employee job description, but also using internal auditing to ensure compliance that employees are currently doing their job as intended. Ask for employee feedback on what they think should be on the job description and ideas that they are willing to share to increase productivity and efficiency.

When looking at designing an employee-training program, one will find that it is particularly common to feel overwhelmed. There is a lot to cover, and the first thing that one can do is to break it down into segments. What are the individual duties of the job? List each duty, because each one will likely require its own section in the manual.

Once the segments are resolved, write down the orderly processes, preferably either using flowcharts or data. Not only will this communicate the information that is required. In follow this structure, you will also find that it simultaneously provides the incoming employees with documentation and information in effectively doing their job. When training employees, remember there are always some processes that the only time and experience will teach. That means that you have to believe that they will need a place to verify this information. While printing out all the processes and handing the new hires a…

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