How to Write a Stellar Sales Professional Resume

When writing a resume, it’s important to remember that you should blow your own horn. Build yourself up and do it well. The whole point of writing a resume is to help you get a career with the skills that you have. This applies most especially to a sales professional resume.  


Given that selling is your cup of tea, you should then know how to sell yourself well. To help you get things done right, here are a few tips to help you right an outstanding resume.


Know your audience. When you sell something, you will need to know how you will sell it well to your targeted audience. The same thing applies to your resume. You need to know who will be reading your resume and start identifying their concerns. Take note of important details about a certain company that you’re eyeing and this will help you specify on your resume what you can offer once they hire you.


Fill your resume with quantifiable results. Showing that you’re results-oriented will definitely highlight your competencies. Thus, the right move in presenting what you can do is by identifying various results that you have worked on. Did you help increase sales, increase market share and client base growth, sign up new accounts, or receive any relevant awards? Note them on your resume and let the facts work to your advantage.


Put your best foot forward. Be upfront and present your achievements on your resume introduction. Choose the best successful results that you have and place them in a prominent area on your resume. This will entail a positive impression and will help increase your chances of landing the sales career you’ve been wanting.


Emphasize your awards and recognitions. If you received sales-related awards and recognitions, highlight them and make them the focus of your resume. The more relevant awards you can identify, the better. Doing this will surely give you positive results because awards show your abilities in the sales industry.



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