How to Use the Energy-Saving Lamps

In January, the U.S. “Science of life” contains an article to point out that New York State University researchers found through experiments that energy saving lamp has the stronger ultraviolet radiation than incandescent lights. At first, the researcher made a test to the UV emissions and phosphor layer of energy-saving lamps and filament lamp, and then compares effect of the energy-saving lamps and incandescent on human skin cells. The results showed that the skin cells which were damaged by the UV radiation of energy-saving lamps, and skin cells which were lighted by incandescent radiation have any damage. Researchers say that UV radiation of energy-saving lamps could harm human skin cells, makes premature aging and may even lead to deadly skin cancer.

It is not only for this, the British “Daily Telegraph” reported that Berlin Alba Laboratory scientists recently discovered through research that when energy saving lamps are at work, they will release variety of chemicals include phenol, naphthalene and styrene toxins. Researchers believe that if people touched the energy-saving lamps for a long time, it will increase the risk of cancer. Federation of German Engineers experts said electronic smoke of energy-saving lamps also poses a threat to health.

In fact, the ultraviolet will cause some degree of damage to skin cells, but the premise is high-intensity, close and prolonged exposure. The expert told “Life Times” reporter, in general, only if the energy-saving lamps are qualified, it will be in line with our “lamps and lamp systems biological safety” standard and control the amount of ultraviolet radiation in a safe range. Wave radiation will continue to weaken as distance increases in the transmission, so the distance between the human body and energy-saving lamps is critical.

People should keep 30 cm distances for energy-saving lamps. Energy-saving lamps and body should be kept at a distance of 2 cm; the UV intensity can reach the extent of summer sun…

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