How to Use Personalized Pens for Education Marketing

Educational institutions have marketing needs, just like for-profit companies. These scholastic marketing needs can include alumni relations, class reunions, fundraising and student recruitment as well as promoting student organizations and school spirit.

One unique way of promoting your school is to offer logo pens and pencils that are imprinted with your school’s name, contact information, website address and school mascot. These personalized pens are usually available in a variety of colors, so you can purchase colors that match your school’s official colors.

These promotional pens are a natural choice for schools to offer to students, parents, donors and alumni. Students and faculty will use your custom pencils and pens to take notes or write themselves to-do lists. And every time one of your writing instruments is used, your school gets promoted. At pennies per impression, the marketing ROI is fantastic.

Logo pens imprinted with the year of a graduating class are ideal giveaways at class reunions. They serve as a keepsake or memento that is both commemorative and useful. Additionally, customized pens can increase interest and participation in alumni relations programs.

Logo pens can play a major role in your educational institution’s recruitment efforts. Using personalized pens in your student recruitment efforts is a smart way to promote your school by offering something useful to prospective students.

Student organizations often use personalized pens as an affordable and unique way to spread the word about their upcoming events or raise awareness about an organization’s purpose. Since students want and need writing instruments every day, promo pens can get their attention and distinguish a student organization from all the others.

Offering logo pens is a great way to get your organization’s message into student’s hands. They can be distributed at events, presentations and student gatherings across campus. Why not provide personalized pens to…

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