How To Tell When You Should Change Your Car Battery

Your car can be in excellent overall condition, but if the battery is dead or is on its last leg, then your car is pretty much worthless until you get a new battery. Your battery is a lot like the heart of your vehicle, and if it simply stops working then your vehicle won’t be able to function at all. It can be very unfortunate if your vehicle’s battery dies when you are somewhere other than at home, so to avoid finding yourself stranded on the side of the road or in the grocery store parking lot while your ice cream is melting, make sure that you watch out for these common signs that your car’s battery may need to be replaced.

First, if you live in an area that has extreme weather conditions, then your car battery probably won’t last as long as it would under more favorable conditions. Almost all car batteries have a “cold amperage” rating, and the lower-rated numbers typically work best in favorable weather conditions but not cold-weather conditions. On the other hand, batteries that have high cold amperage ratings typically work better in cold-weather conditions, so make sure that you choose the right type of battery for the area that you live in. If you have recently moved from a warm area to a cold area, then consider replacing your battery before winter really hits, or you might find yourself stuck out in the cold with a dead battery.

If you get into an accident and find that your battery casing is severely damaged, then you should have your battery replaced immediately. Dangerous chemicals can leak out of damaged batteries, so you want to make sure that you handle the situation promptly and safely with the help of an expert.

Another reason that your battery may need to be replaced is if it has reached the end of its warranty period. Most brand new batteries come with an automatic warranty period that will cover any damages to your battery or any battery leakage, but as soon as the warranty period expires you no longer have this protection. Sometimes it is more cost-effective and less stressful to purchase a new battery before your old one completely dies or leaks and causes damage to your vehicle.

And finally, if you have a difficult time starting your car, and if start-up is accompanied by a loud clicking sound, then it is time to get a replacement battery. If a battery can no longer hold a charge very well and starts up sluggishly, then it is only a matter of time before it dies completely.

As long as you watch for signs that your battery…

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