How to Teach Your Child to Be Environmentally Conscious

To be environmentally conscious takes a lot more than just recycling your newspapers and plastic bottles. In today’s day and age it is important that you instil values and a level of awareness among your children by explaining to them the damages that are causing to our eco-system by not adopting green ideas.

Here are some interesting ways to teach your child to become more conscious about his or her environment-

1.  Starting Young – The earlier you start instilling these values, the easier it will be for your child to adapt to them. Start young by forming green habits in the household. Show them ways to save paper, involve them in your backyard maintenance, or urge them to gift their friends baby oaks on their birthdays.

2.  Set an Example – If you really want your child to be environmentally conscious, make sure you are setting an example by practicing what you preach. Recycle your shopping bags, do not litter, and use products that are environmentally friendly.

3.  Show them how to Recycle – You can teach your child recycling at a very young age. If your child is looking for great 18th birthday present ideas for their older sibling, show them how to make a gift card or even earnings and bracelets out of recycle paper.

4.  Unplugging Items – Most children become lazy about unplugging their laptops, radios, video games and television sets when they are not in use. Coaxing them to unplug electronics that are not in use is a great way to instil environmentally conscious ideas in your child. This way, you are not only saving money but energy as well.

5.  Turning off the Tap – A lot of water can get wasted while your child is spending hours in the tub, or leaving the faucet on while brushing their teeth. Make sure you show them how to turn off the faucet when it is not needed.

6.  Starting a Garden – Starting to grow your own garden with your children is a great way to encourage green living at home. Many parents consider gifting plants and baby oaks as excellent 21st birthday gift ideas. This way you are not only instilling great values in your child but you are also opening doors to creating many more memories that revolve around watching a tree grow to life!

Another interesting 21st birthday gift would be to surprise your child with a gardening party. Bring together like minded friends and family members to organize a memorable and eco-friendly celebration for your child.

7.  Join a Group – Your older children should be encouraged to…

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