How to Support Your Own Happiness

You know what is so funny? When we think and talk about happiness it is always at the top of everyone dreams and desires. The bottom line of everything we do and dream about is “Happiness”.

The surprising truth is that the majority of us complain that we are not happy and even forget to focus on this very special state of being…

Do you remember when you were little and the teacher asked what you wanted to be when you grew up, you surely didn’t answer “miserable and sad!” You screamed to your teacher: “I want to be happy!”

You need to remember this very simple trick: You are what you think about and focus on.

Your inner voice can jump right in with a million reasons for being sad: the economy is rolling downhill, the vision of our own prosperity can seem like a tiny, inflatable raft on an ocean of fear.

In such unstable times, the pursuit of happiness can feel like a taunt rather than an inalienable right.

So I just want you to remind you that you are the captain of your ship! Who is in control of your thoughts? You are! Don’t make your happiness conditional to any events or people in your life.

Let’s actively create a state of unconditional happiness which is a real happiness as your state of mind.

Emerging research shows that while trauma has a profound impact on the brain, the brain is not as hard-wired as previously thought. If your brain not hard-wired to traumas why are you?

We can learn to be happier.

In fact, the most popular class at Harvard University is one in which students learn to train their brains to cultivate what instructor Tal Ben-Shahar calls the ultimate currency: happiness.

Why is Happiness as a state of mind so Important?

Medical evidence suggests being unhappy affects our immune system, memory and our capacity to learn, while increasing the risk of illness.

It may be fun for you to know other benefits of being happy:

If You Are Happy –You Are:

* More creative, confident and productive.

 *Have a stronger network of…

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