How To Successfully Find A Math Tutor For Your Child

Is your child struggling in math?  Has he sent out silent pleas asking you to “find me a tutor?” You want to do everything you can to help your child succeed at this often difficult subject.  However, finding a reliable tutor is not always as easy as it seems. Knowing what choices you have can help you find the right math tutor for your child.



Group Tutor or Personal Tutor?

Many schools in the United States offer after school group tutoring for children who are struggling in various subjects.  While these after school group tutoring sessions are helpful to some children other children simply don’t want to admit that they are having difficulty to a whole group of other students and so will seek to avoid these free tutoring sessions.  If this is the case, you may have to find a personal tutor for your child. 

When choosing a personal tutor for your child you have several options.  These options include:

・ An older student who understands math and knows your child.

・ A college student looking to make extra money

・ A retired teacher

・ An online tutor

An Older Student

Your child may feel more comfortable being tutored by an older student who they know and look up too.  If your child all ready feels comfortable with their tutor they will be less afraid to admit that they are having trouble grasping various concepts and therefore can begin to deal with the type of problems that causing them issues. On the other hand if they feel too comfortable with their person tutor they may simply blow off those tutoring sessions or not pay as close attention as they need to.

A College Student

Getting a student from a local college to tutor your child can save you money when compared to a professional tutor, but it also may mean that the student doesn’t have the skills to help your child understand the concepts that causing them problems.  If you are considering hiring a college student to tutor your child sit in on the first several sessions to ensure that the tutor knows what they are doing.


A retired Math Teacher

A retired math teacher may be your best bet for a personal tutor if there is one in your area that is willing to provide such services.  A grandmotherly or grandfatherly type tutor may just what your child needs to help them feel comfortable while they begin picking up on those math skills they are lacking.  However, you want to make sure that an older tutor and your child’s personality is compatible or learning could go right…

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