Ready to trade or sell your old iPhone to get some cash for the new one? Columnist Jennifer Jolly sifts through the various resale sites, including Apple’s, for the best deals.
Jennifer Jolly/USA TODAY
Jennifer Jolly, Special for USA TODAY


The next-generation iPhones are almost here, and when Apple takes the stage on September 12th to show them off to the world, you better have a plan.

I’m not talking about a sneaky blueprint for snagging the first spot in line on iPhone launch day, I’m talking about how to get the most cash when confronting all the tricky buyback, trade-in or sell-on-the street options.

I searched high and low for the best prices on iPhone trade-ins, comparing the likes of eBay, Amazon, Gazelle, Swappa, NextWorth and even Apple itself, and I’ve got my plan in place (spoiler alert: it’s eBay). So buckle up as I run down your options and next steps so you can snag a shiny new smartphone with the smallest dent to your bank account possible.

Ebay tips and tricks

You can easily get the most money for a previous generation iPhone by selling it on eBay. It’s the best place to turn your iPhone into cash because you’re selling directly to a buyer, and with eBay’s price guarantee, you can lock in the trending sale price of your phone when you put up your listing. If it ends up selling for less, eBay makes up the difference and gives you a $20 coupon for your trouble.


eBay        $741

Swappa    $665 (suggested sales price, no guarantee)

Glyde        $502

Apple Renew    $425

Gazelle    $400

Best Buy    $380

Nextworth    $350

GameStop    $345

*Based on iPhone 7 Plus, in “like new” condition, rose gold, 256GB on At&T. Note: price quotes fluctuate depending on dates

Start with eBay’s “What It’s Worth” tool. Just type in your phone model, color, and storage size and it tells you a current trending range for a selling price for your phone. Mine was $694-$832. If this looks good, head straight to Sell It Yourself, click “Create a Listing,” and follow the prompts: Brand, Model, Carrier, Capacity, Color, Condition.

When I ran this search, eBay said I could count on…