How to save money on movies

Everyone gets excited as soon as they hear a good movie coming out. They would immediately call their friends or family to watch a movie with them. Movies are fun and it is also a good way for on to unwind but if you are on a budget, you can follow these tips to be able to enjoy movies for less.

1. Take advantage of the discounts in theaters. Whether you are a student, a teacher, part of the military, you can get a discount just by showing them your ID, so make sure you bring it with you at all times. If that doesn’t work, you can go to a matinee. These usually have smaller crowds and you can even get a discount of 50% a ticket.

2. If you really want to save money and at the same time watch movies, you can always stream movies at home. You may have to be patient for this one as it may sometimes take some time to load and even for the movie to come out. You can try Netflix and Amazon Prime or any other service that let you stream movies and TV shows online.

3. If you are into classic movies, skip buying blue ray disk and head to your local library. Most libraries have a collection of classic movies that you can rent or watch for free. But if you do have to pay for it, you won’t have to a worry about the price because it is still cheaper than going to the movies.

4. Go to book stores. A lot of book stores are selling all types of media and that includes movies. Also, they usually offer great deals and low prices for classic or even recent movies. You may also see classic movies that are no longer available in DVD stores.

5. Opt for a VCR. You may think that that is old school stuff but VCR’s today are very inexpensive and you can take advantage for one even with a dollar. It is advisable though, to look for a used VCR first before purchasing a new one.

6. Every now and then, flash sale sites such as Group on and Living Social give away deals on tickets to movie theaters. You can also try checking discounted gift cars and save up to 20% of the price.

7. If you weren’t able to watch a certain movie, you can always ask your friends if they have a copy of the movie that you’re looking for. You won’t have to spend anything for this and you can ask for it anytime you want to watch it.

8. A lot of people don’t notice this but whenever they watch a movie, most of their money usually go to the food and snacks. If you really must watch a movie in a cinema, plan ahead, eat at home and save some money. If you go to the movies hungry, you will most…

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