How to rock a red lip this Holiday season

GO bold this holiday season, swapping a full face of makeup for a statement red lip.

A bright burst of color is festive, fashionable and an instant boost for any outfit, says celebrity makeup artist Alice Lane, who perfects the pouts of A-listers such as Greta Gerwig, Julianne Moore and Emilia Clarke.

Makeup artist Alice LaneTamara Beckwith/NY Post

“It’s more like an accessory,” Lane says, “as if it’s a really nice bracelet.”

Worried about finding the right shade? Don’t be. All it takes is paying attention to the shades you gravitate toward, Lane says: “Trust your gut on what you like.” The option you’re most attracted to is often the one that looks best.

Although conventional wisdom and YouTubers say otherwise, don’t worry as much about matching lipstick hues to your skin’s undertones, such as blue- and purple-tinted reds for those with blue veins. “To me, [that way of thinking] is almost very ’50s,” says Lane.

If you’re easily overwhelmed, decide what you want before you go shopping. “Look at pictures,” she says. “Find a lipstick you love on a person you love, and take it to the store and say, ‘I want this!’ And don’t be bullied into buying something you don’t like.”

Here, with Lane’s help, Post staffers find their best holiday red.

Add punch to a warm shade

There’s a reason Jasmin usually picks brick-red shades, Lane says: The warmth works with her skin, hair and wide smile.

Feel free to apply RMS’ oil- and wax-based stick straight onto lips, as the balmy texture adds color and hydration in one swipe. Layer until lips are bright and fully covered, then brush concealer all around the mouth to make the shade pop.

“Covering afterward with a little concealer . . . brings out a little more of the color,” says Lane, by canceling out any redness in the skin.

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Coral hues aren’t just for warm days

Tamara Beckwith/NY Post

Don’t be afraid to wear corals past the summer — this orange-y Oribe shade matches Catherine’s warm tone and brightens her face.

Lane applied the shade with her finger for two reasons: to tone down the intensity of the shade, and to add volume to Catherine’s lips. “If you put it on with your finger, you can puff it out to your edges,” she says. The ombre effect will make lips look fuller, but not overdrawn. Start by tapping color into the center, then pressing it out toward — and…

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