How to recruit English teachers

English is one of the global languages that is spoken all over the world. In some countries, it is a first language while some in others it is a secondary language. Whichever the case, English is the globally recognised language and is used in every other platform, learning, internet, manuals etc. But how does it come to be the most spoken language in the whole world? It is because it is taught in almost every primary school, secondary school, colleges and universities. It is taught by qualified English teachers who impact the knowledge to the students. So the question that follows next is; where do you get the English teachers in all parts of the world even in non English speaking countries? If English is not their native language then how are they able to get the skills and knowledge to speak perfect English?

English teachers are recruited from all parts of the world to teach English language either in their own countries or abroad. Recruiting the English teachers is a tedious job as you must get the right teacher who can transfer the knowledge to a student who does not know English or is completely a non native English speaker.  It needs skills, calmness and endurance to be able to pass knowledge from one person to another. This applies to in teaching English language and passing the same skills to another person. It is this reason that there are many recruitment agencies out there that are recruiting English teachers on behalf of other schools, colleges and entities that are not able to get the best English teachers.

Recruiting an English teacher requires expertise that ensures that you only get culturally fluent English specialist with the required experience, an efficient recruit who will perform his or her task diligently and one with experience that will impact knowledge into his or her trainees. During the recruitment process you will need to set questions that you will ask the prospective English teacher to be able to evaluate him. The most common first question will ordinarily be to tell you about him or her. This question will enable you to know him better and have an in depth understanding of the recruit before going further.  Another important question that you might want to ask the recruits is why they specifically want to be English teachers. This is a question that will enlighten you whether the candidate(s) have a passion for the job. In teaching the key to success is having passion in the profession and if anyone does not have it…

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