How to Prepare for Motorbike Tour


You should try to pack this heaviest things first so your weight is as low down within the bike as possible.

It’s also common sense which you pack the items which you use most often towards the top of the bags, so pack your stuff in the logical order.

Never keep your complete cash and documents in one place. Spread them around for extra security.

Whatever happens DON’T OVERPACK.

Okay the main things to consider in relation to packing, and in distinct clothing, is where have you been going and what could be the weather forecast like.

Just packing shorts and t-shirts is season idea if you are going to be up in this mountains enjoying the twisties although there is snow in the grass… you get my go? (sorry)

Plan accordingly.

Try and work out exactly what the minimum amount of clothing is you will need each day. Research the tour programme/information group carefully.

Check the hotel’s/B&B specifics and facilities. Some have pools and/or saunas.

Rolling clothing as opposed to packing flat takes less room and creates less creases. Put items like cameras, pens, adaptors, cell phones etc somewhere handy with easy access. Shoes are useful safe-keeping containers for small items like adaptors, pens, socks, under garment etc.

Toilet bags are usually bulky and heavy. Take smaller quantities regarding toiletries in small plastic bottles but bear in mind that 90 per cent of hotels supply detergent and shampoo etc in every bathrooms.

Clothing: This will be a personal choice and to a degree depend on any type of bike you ride, and lastly where you’re going, but it surely is up to people whether you wear leathers or textiles and maybe even a mix of equally (For Europe my preference is usually leather pants and sheet jacket)

Waterproofing: There is actually nothing worse than moist kit. Particularly if that you are camping and it’s the sleeping bag that gets soaked. If you are camping we may recommend dry sacks. Inexpensive and also handy. Pick them through to eBay.

For smaller items you should use Ziploc bags available by most supermarkets. If travelling in moist seasons or particular areas renowned for that rainfall, don’t under estimate this and waterproof whatever and wherever you can. Always keep at least one complete set of socks underwear and perhaps a t-shirt completely waterproofed. (Even if it indicates waterproofing dirty clothes, maintain them dry)

An essential machine is a tank case. It doesn’t have to get huge. Not only should it hold and display…

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