How To Prepare For Driving In The Snow In An RV

Though many love the open road during the warm, summer months, it is possible to go RV-ing at any time of the year. Depending on where you plan to visit, you may want to up the ante and select a vehicle that can handle even the biggest snow storms. That is a must when you plan to head up to Vermont for a New England Christmas or you plan to tackle the heights in the Rocky Mountains come January.

Which Manufacturer Is Best?

Unfortunately, this is not a decision you can make just based on a brand name. In fact, most RV manufacturers are a good buy, if you buy the right equipment and package. There are some specific things to look for when buying these vehicles, though, that will make a big difference in how well they handle in the snow.

What to Look For

Before you buy, consider the following. The best RVs for snow will need to meet some specific minimums and have added features.

– The type of RV is important. The best RVs for the winter months are often motor homes, fifth wheel trailers, or travel trailers. Motor homes are more expensive, but handle best in the snow conditions.

– Seek out the arctic package. Most RV manufacturers offer an arctic package. These may come with details such as dual thermal pane windows, pre-installed heating pads for waste water, and added insulation, especially in the floor and the roof.

– Make sure you know what the warranty covers and does not cover. Before you buy, it is critical to plan for this. You need to ensure that the warranty will cover problems such as broken water lines, for example.

Whatever you buy, ensure it has the features you need to make winter RV-ing safe for you. To do that, you need to ensure it’s a quality vehicle overall.

What to Watch For

Just because you buy an RV that’s good for the winter months does not mean that’s all you need to do. Each year, you’ll still need to upgrade it and prep it for the colder months.

– Winterizing the water system is the most critical aspect. As water freezes, it expands. It will…

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