How to place clip-in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions, both made from human hair or synthetic hair are regarded are the most popular choice in hair extensions for adding volume, colour and length to the hair. They can easily be attached to the hair without any fuss quickly. These type of hair extensions are attached using pressure sensitive clips which keeps your hair safe from damage whilst ensuring the hair extensions do not come loose. Clip ins don’t need any type of glue to attach to the hair. They simply clip into the hair and therefore avoids any damage to your natural hair which is one the main reasons that purchasers say they use clip in hair extensions.

These extensions are the perfect solution when you want your hair to be long in s short amout of time. The clip-in technique can easily be learned within minutes and requires little practice to use. These extensions can easily be taken out and reused easily when needed.

Applying this technique is really simple. Once you have been to buy clip in hair extensions,  follow the following steps and your hair will look beautiful and thick in no time at all.

  • Use your index finger or a tail comb to divide your hair horizontally at the lower back of the head, just below the ears.
  • Attach the clip in extensions from the bottom up. Start from the lowest point of the extension and using a tail-comb create a section where you wish to place the hair.
  • Fasten up the rest of your hair on the top of the head so that it is not in the way while you fit the fabric that would be used for the extension.
  • Now take out the first weft, check out it is long enough so that it sit perfectly along the back of the hairline. Once you are completely satisfied that it is properly placed then open the clips carefully.
  • Take another hair weft and insert the clip just below the section you made and carefully place the clip on your hair. Shut the clip so that it firmly grips the hair. Do the same procedure with the remaining ones.
  • Release the hair and form a new section. To do this comb the layer of hair about a centimetre between the layer of each weft.
  • Insert remaining weft in same manner and repeat the process with new sections above each extension of the weft.
  • As the clip ins are attached run your fingers along the wefts to make sure it’s perfectly flat against the head. If any gaps are present correct, adjust and reposition the clips.
  • Insert and position the side pieces to ensure the hair frames your face properly and perfectly blends with your natural…

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