How to pick the best rugby boots

When playing any type of sport, everyone wants to have the perfect footwear.  You will want footwear that provides support and comfort whilst also offering style and class. When playing rugby, you want a boot that has a high cut design which gives the ankle the support it needs.

Are you still growing?

If you are choosing rugby boots for your children then always consider the fact that their feet are still growing, whilst rugby boots should be a snug fit they should never be painfully tight. At the Canterbury rugby store you will find different makes of shoes which fit all shapes and sizes of feet. If you are ever unsure on what type of shoe is the right one for your child then never hesitate to ask someone who knows. It is best that you get a professional opinion and make sure that your child is wearing the correct footwear from the beginning of their rugby career. Wearing incorrect footwear can often result in long term damage to your child’s feet.

Boots to fit you

With so many different styles and make of boot available it can be hard trying to choose the perfect pair, so why not opt for either a leather of synthetic boot? If you decide to choose leather it can mould itself to the shape of your foot, thus ensuring the snug fit required. However, be warned that in wet conditions the boot could possibly stretch out of shape.

On the other hand if you choose to go for a synthetic boot they will prove to be less expensive, so are perfect if you are on a tight budget: they are lighter in weight as well. Although there is no promise that they will make you run faster, they can prove to be more comfortable for some people.

What type of studs do you need?

Depending on what position you play you may need different types of studs to suit specific needs. The Canterbury Stampede Elite Si 8 Stud rugby boots are a perfect choice for forwards – the wide fitting style and internal support system all provides softness and comfort to a professional level. You can also…

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