How to Organize and Host a Memorable Party

While eating and drinking is an activity at every party, the reason for celebrating is about much more than that. Yet imagine a party with nothing to eat or drink; you know something’s missing. Food and water make up the two most basic needs, if you don’t satisfy them, you’re not going to get a lot of thumbs up. There are three main aspects you need to take care of in order to have a good foundation for a great party. To start you’ll have to let your guests know about the party, which is usually done by invitation. Call them up, leave them an e-mail or send them written invitations, depending on how special the occasion is.

Most people like to have a glass of something in their hand right away, naturally they will visit the bar. It’s a crucial part of any activity to have some beverages around. Depending on the type of party you might need to stock up on party supplies beforehand.

Next you’ll have to have some kind of food available for your guests. Depending on the occasion this can be grill, seafood, finger foods, meat, vegetarian food and so on. Lastly you’ll want to take care of lighting, music and other miscellaneous aspects. So let’s go through each of the key ingredients and make sure your party rocks.

Delight your guests with well-chosen invitations

Start the party beforehand with tantalizing invitations that delight your guests, include special details. Here are 3 common ways to send invites. Unless the guest list is long or the occasion is very special you can do this by phone, otherwise you have a choice between e-mails and written invitations.

Written invitations are must-haves at a wedding, but for a weekend get-together you don’t really need them. An e-mail or phone call will suffice in providing all the necessary information.

Regardless of how you package your invitations, make sure you include the date, time, place and reason for the party, as well as a guest list and an RSVP line. Aside from the aforementioned you can add information about the food and drink you’re going to have, and how to dress. It’s often better to let your guests wear what they want, but if you’re hosting a special type of party feel free to add more information.

What people expect to drink at a good party

Here you have several options. The first option is a full bar, which is stocked with every combination of drinks in the book. You can go with a drink menu, which is pretty neat since you can let your guests try something new. Or you can go with a signature cocktail, in…

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