How to Make a Resume for First Job?

A job resume has capacity to make or break the chances of bagging a job, especially a new and a debut job. If you are a fresher and wanting to prepare a resume, you may wonder how to devise and craft it. Here we present some effective tips and solutions that would help you in making a resume for your very first jobs.


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• First of all, zero over a simple yet a standard format of a resume that is not at all flowery or frivolous. Do not pick up anything fancy and take help of a free resume template over Internet. The paper you are going to select should be of good quality so that it renders a good and a credible impression. Font should be also a simpler one with high clarity and better readability. Do not pick a twisty or an extremely ornamental font as their readability is very poor.  


• Next, state your contact details with utmost precision and clarity. Mention not just your mobile number, but also a landline number, if any, along with email address and Skype id (if available). Take care to give your formal email id that has a credible user name. Never mention such an id that has some super-fancy name, consequently making you a laughing stock.


• Mention your personality’s plus points in a short but an impressive paragraph so that interviewer gets an idea about you. Since you are a fresher, and would not be having any experience to share, there is no need to feel apologetic about it. Every experienced person starts as a fresher. Mention any kind of volunteer work or social project that has been accomplished by you in senior school or college. 


• Mention the courses, diplomas and the degrees that you have accomplished, especially relevant to the jobs. Include a list of your extracurricular activities which would describe your area of interest.


• Do not elongate your resume unnecessarily, only because you want to make it look heftier. Having an extra-long job resume from a fresher will make interviewer wonder over its…

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