How to land your first job after graduating

Students often think that they can easily work in any company they want as soon as they graduate. But the truth is, there are a lot more things that students should prepare of in order to land their first job after graduating. If you still don’t know what those are, continue reading and learn how to get started on it.

1. Create your own profile online- Gone are the days where you submit your resume or show your portfolio on a piece of paper with your picture on it. The generation for online portfolio is up for many reasons. Having an online portfolio will let anyone, around the world see your portfolio, your skills etc. It is not time consuming because you no longer have to print multiple copies to apply in multiple companies. You can simply send an e-mail with the link of your online portfolio and they will be immediately redirected to that site. Another thing that’s good about this is you can easily edit, add or remove items in your resume anytime you wish. No need to send multiple papers every time you change something.

2. Get your own personal blog and work on WordPress- Experts say that it is also best if you buy your own domain name and install WordPress on your site. If you are hesitant to create a blog because you don’t know what to talk about, think about your likes and interests and start writing about it. It’s a good way to start and to get a feel of what blogging is like.

3. Apply for an internship as early as possible- A lot of students know that what internships are but they always end up failing it. It is also best to get 2 or 3 more internship before graduating. Not only will this look good on your background but it will be good for your experience background as well.

4. Make use of your school’s career services office- Students often neglect the help that schools are offering to them. They usually don’t check the office and that’s what they’re missing out on the most. Career offices can really do a lot for you, they can help set…

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