How to keep your picture frames new forever

Photographs are a simple and quick way to remember your happiness, mischief, annoyance and grief moments.  If you are willing to keep some memories in front of your eyes you simply hang them in attractive frames. When you spend your money on some costly frames you also want to see them shining always, for this you should know how to keep your picture frames shining for years. Here are some simple and easy tips that will help you in cleaning photo frames.

Wood Frames:  wood frames are always a popular choice as they offer a time-honored feel and look natural in any setting.  Wood frames are mainly available in two types one is unfinished look and the second is furniture like finish. Both demands different types of cleaning.

 For unfinished wood frames never use cloth be it damp or dry as on the unfinished surface pieces or threads of cloth may remain stuck. The safest medium is to use the vacuum cleaner.

For finished wood frames you can use dry or damp cloth to clean the surface but don’t use water or any other cleaner as it may leave stains or destroy the finish of the frames.

Silver Frames:  if your picture frame is of silver or sterling silver use a good quality cleaner specifically  for silver cleaning but before using it make sure to read instructions written on the cleaner.

Golden Frames:  when it comes to talk about picture frames golden frames have the ability to transform any simple picture into a charming pic. But it needs regular cleaning. You can clean it with a dry and soft cloth.  Any sort of chemical can harm the polish.  However, if you want to use cleaner use mild one but not on a regular basis.

Other metal picture Frames:   according to  if you are not sure about the type of metal of your frame use can test with your cleaner on a small hidden part of frames to ensure that your cleaning or cleaner will not harm the finish or polish on the frame. Although most of the metal frames are protected from tarnishing or coated with lacquer…

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