How to Help Puerto Rico and Other Islands After Hurricane Maria


Hurricane Maria, the first Category 4 storm to make landfall on Puerto Rico since 1932, devastated the island.

Erika P. Rodriguez for The New York Times

Puerto Rico is on the brink of a humanitarian crisis, economies across the Caribbean are on life support, and dozens of people are dead.

The region was still recovering from Hurricane Irma when it was pummeled last week by Hurricane Maria. Days after the storm passed, Puerto Rico is still without power and has spotty access to water. Other islands suffered similarly, raising fears of a potentially permanent exodus.

The region needs immediate and long-term help. A few of the groups collecting donations to provide such relief are listed below.

(The Times has also published articles about helping the victims of Huricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and the earthquakes in Mexico. For those who are trying to figure out where to give and are feeling overwhelmed, here are some tips to guide your thinking.)

Local Charities

These are just a few local organizations that have vowed to help in recovery efforts. As discussed in detail below, it’s important to do your research before giving to any charity.

Unidos, by the Hispanic Federation

A coalition of elected officials in New York and Puerto Rico joined the Hispanic Federation, a Latino nonprofit, to launch this relief fund for Puerto Ricans affected by Maria. Proceeds will go to community and civic organizations in Puerto Rico, the group said.

Dominica Hurricane Relief Fund

The government of Dominica is collecting donations through JustGiving, a crowdfunding website. The money will go toward temporary roofing, blankets and non-perishable foods.

Fund for the Virgin Islands

The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands, a nonprofit, is collecting donations through this fund, which will be used “both to support short-term relief efforts and to enhance the well-being of future generations.”


The crowdfunding website maintains a list of campaigns, many of them local, collecting donations for victims of the storm. Donors can give to a campaign or directly to GoFundMe, which will then distribute the money to the campaigns.

Unidos por Puerto Rico

This initiative, from Beatriz Rosselló, the first lady of Puerto Rico, enlists private sector help in providing aid to those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Donations are accepted through a variety of means,…

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