How to Have a Relationship with God


We all have a number of relationships in our lives – with family, friends, co-workers, customers, significant others, or just with people on the street.  The depth of those relationships depend, for the most part, on how important those people are to us.  Some relationships will be fairly intimate ones and others will be mostly casual, but it all of these cases, the relationship is between two (or more) human beings.  They will usually respond to us in some way when we talk to them, and we will either like or dislike what they say to us.

Our relationship with our Creator is something else entirely.  In my opinion, some people have a fairly close relationship with the God of their understanding, but many, though they might believe in God, have no personal relationship with that being.  They might say that it is impossible to relate to something they can neither see not hear, nor know for certain what is being communicated (if anything).

I can still recall the first time I saw the movie “The Ten Commandments.”  For years, I tended to picture God in my mind as looking much as Charleston Heston looked playing Moses.   I would have told you, had you asked, that God did not speak to me, and it’s quite possible that I was thinking of that possible communication as being like it was with God speaking to Moses.  I also felt that “God helped those who helped themselves,” and though I believed that God existed and put the Universe in motion, I felt no sense of relationship.

Can we have relationships with God?  Today I would answer that question “definitely yes.”  I have such a relationship.  However, it took me years of work to develop that relationship and it continues to develop to this day.  I am also largely unable to put into words that way that relationship developed.  Intimate relationships are hard to put into words; perhaps we have overused words like awesome, ethereal, miraculous and divine.  In any case, I…

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