How to Go Makeup-Free This Summer

There is also a new prescription cream called Rhofade that constricts blood vessels near the surface of the skin to reduce rosacea-related redness for about 12 hours.

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Five At-Home Remedies for a Bare-Faced Summer

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Shrink Pores

Enlarged pores are notoriously tough to shrink. But building collagen, the protein that supports the structure of the skin, tightens them. “A pore is a hole in the skin at the top of the tiny tube that sweat comes out of,” Dr. Rowe said. To increase the collagen surrounding the tube, which narrows its opening, he uses microneedling. A pen with several very fine needles is passed along the skin. This creates tiny wounds that encourage skin cells to go into repair mode and make collagen.

“You get the effects of a laser without the sun restrictions,” Dr. Rowe said. Hundreds of tiny needle punctures may sound like derm-office torture, but the procedure isn’t painful. The doctor numbs skin before the procedure, so it ends up feeling like an aggressive exfoliation. Plus, it’s safe for all skin tones, even the darkest brown.

Dr. Rowe also injects Botox into the skin superficially to shrink pores. “At the base of every pore is a sebaceous gland,” he said. There are muscles around the oil gland. I think the Botox prevents that muscle from squeezing and stops oil production. And when oil production decreases, pores shrink down.”

Brighten the Eyes

Volume loss under the eye and concavity is the usual cause of dark circles. Lara Devgan, a plastic surgeon in New York, performs up to 100 tear trough corrections every month. She injects hyaluronic acid filler under the eyes to smooth the eye lid-cheek junction. The results are instant. “It’s surprising how effective this can be,” Dr. Devgan said. “You can really create the appearance of a brighter, more alert under-eye area.”

In some people under-eye darkness is caused by excess melanin and won’t be corrected by tear trough filler. In those cases, a chemical peel designed for the eye area, like the Glytone Enerpeel Eye and Lip peel, will fade excess melanin, generally in four treatments spaced a week apart.

Define and Shape

We use makeup to accentuate beloved features and play down perceived flaws. Doctors can help with that, too, using semipermanent fillers to sub for your highlighter and contour. “If they’re used…

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