How To Get Your First Archery Set

Archery is a unique and refined sport. The right archery set can make a big difference in your performance and practice. Beginners in archery have to consider several critical factors when deciding on the best archery set for yourself.


Typically there are five components to a beginner’s archery set; The bow, arrows, arm guard, finger tabs and the sight. Let’s take a look at each component and what you need to look for when creating your first archery set.


The Bow

There are many types of bows used in archery depending on experience level, how the bow is to be used and of course budget. Understanding the difference is a subject for another article. As a beginner you should focus on a recurve bow and your selection should be based on these factors:


  • Select the bow first not the arrows. Selecting the bow first will help you choose the correct arrows.
  • Recurve bows are made for left and right handed people. Selecting the correct one for you is based on eye dominance. To find which of your eyes is dominant point at a distant object. Close your left eye. If you are still pointing directly to the object you are right eye dominant and should select a right handed bow. If you are not pointing to the object with your finger you are left eye dominant. Select a left handed bow.
  • Select a bow that is easy to pull. This will give you a chance to find your form. Don’t worry too much about the technical differences in how the strength of the bow is calculated. Just find a recurve bow that you are just able to pull without struggling.
  • Recurve bows come in different lengths or ‘draw lengths’ basically for different shaped people. The length of your arms and the width of your shoulders are used to calculate the correct draw length. Visit an archery pro shop to get this right. The incorrect draw length will affect your accuracy.

The Arrow

As with bows there are many types of arrows based on composition. Aluminum and wood arrows are the most economical while at the top end…

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