How to Get Your Desk Drawers Organized

Achieving efficient work performance is all about carrying out the right activities in the right place, and the right place is nowhere other than your own work desk. It is not only important to find the right kind of desk, drawers, lighting, etc. for your office, but there is also a need to organize and arrange everything in a neat and accessible manner. Very often, desk drawers make for the largest storage areas, and arranging the various items therein can sometimes be quite a task.

Space Evaluation

Recognizing your work needs, and understanding the amount of space you require to carry out the same is extremely important. Once you have a clear idea of what all tasks you are going to perform in your office, you can customize your desk drawer space accordingly.

Choose a Hierarchy of Importance

Consider your desk drawers to be placed in a hierarchy of decreasing importance, with the most important one being the closest to you. This will allow you to keep the imperative items in a drawer that is closer to your dominant hand.

Fill the Topmost Drawer

Typically, the items that we use on a frequent basis must be placed in the top drawer. This includes personal stationery, forever stamps, permanent markers and highlighters, mechanical pencils, correction tapes, sticky notes, titanium scissors, binder clips and staplers. Some of you might also want to keep your wallet and keys in this desk drawer.

Prioritize the Other Drawers

Depending upon your personal and work requirements, you can continue to fill one drawer at a time. The key to a desk drawer organization is to keep the whole process efficient and meaningful. For instance, you can place the printer paper reams in one drawer, computer accessories in another, and so on.

Avoid the Clutter

Instead of pushing everything all at once inside a desk drawer, it is best to create sub-compartments so as to micro organize the available space. For this, you can make use of simple storage items like baskets, baking tins, etc. so…

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