How To Get The Very Best Executive Talent

Regardless of how vibrant the future for your business, by far the most exceptional candidates for senior executive roles will assess whether it offers the correct stuff to be able to magnify their overall performance and thereby strengthen their career. Companies which assume they could attract excellent executive leaders in many cases are those that cannot make their own business case to potential recruits and who fail to attract the greatest calibre executive candidates to begin with.

As the late management thinker and author Peter Drucker once stated, “The ability to make good decisions regarding people represents one of the last reliable sources of competitive advantage, since very few organisations are very good at it.” Making those good decisions is about bringing in the right field of talent to begin with.

Employers must provide these seven advantages to attract major business leaders and get these to stay and perform at optimum levels:

• An excellent story (they desire to be part of something exclusive, persuasive strategy)

• Brands/products/services which are admired/profitable/have staying power (they need a platform for extensive growth)

• An atmosphere that speaks to personal growth (get better at they actualually do)

• Work that has meaning (that makes a difference)

• Opportunity to join a good inspirational boss (reputation for carrying out the right thing)

• Wealth development (financial security)

• Efficient board governance (leadership which takes governance seriously)

An organisation’s executive search capability to attract major talent relies upon its culture, the quality and trustworthiness of its services and products, and, to put it simply, ‘the sex appeal’ of its career growth potential. The particular organisation’s authenticity, its identity will shine through or not. In the event that you where planning to fill management jobs within Ferrari or Apple, the reaction would be overwhelming. The same position within a food wholesaler / retailer, still might be a problem filling.

The very best talent only wants to be employed by the most effective, high-profile, companies. Establishing and projecting that status is a key strategy in selling executive job opportunities, by means of encouraging an industry’s best to get in touch with and approach the company or being ready to accept approaches whenever they come. That does apply in business much in the same manner excellent athletes using a team mentality drive…

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