How To Get The Best Fitting Cycling Jersey


If you are ready to take the next step into competitive bicycling, it’s time to also invest in some gear. Along with the proper shoes and a helmet, you are going to want to update your cycling wardrobe, including the all-important jersey. 

Try On All Brands

As there are literally tons of choices out there, both online and at your local cycling store, you cannot just buy the first jersey you see or try on. You may find that there is one manufacturer whose gear fits you best. Unless you are made of money, and can afford to order a slew of jerseys to try on, your best bet is to search the local athletic store. Such a place will have a number of different manufacturers (and fits) available. Try them all on and get a better idea what you like, and which brand fits you best. After that, you may find better deals online, but at least you’ll have an idea of what you’re looking for.

Who Are You and How Do You Want to Feel?

What you are always looking for in an athletic jersey, especially in a bicycling outfit, is comfort and performance. Some cyclists prefer a skin-tight jersey, with no annoying bunches of fabric or flapping panels to distract from the serious business of bicycle racing. Others may be more dedicated to comfort and don’t find it annoying in the least to have some extra fabric in their jerseys. 

It also boils down to knowing yourself as a competitive bicyclist. Are you the type who wants to win at all costs, and look like a star while winning? Or are you just happy to be in the fresh air and rolling forward, getting your exercise and enjoying the day? The answer to these questions may help you quantify which type and which fit of jersey will help you in your riding pursuit. 

The fit of your jersey is a matter of personal preference, but purists will say that the tighter fitting the jersey is, the more dedicated the cyclist is to the sport. Often, the choice will be dictated by how easy it is to get the jersey on and off. Still others will simply expect…

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