How To Get Ripped and Shredded

There are lots of reasons to get into shape with a great body. A key motivator for many males is to get ripped, because let’s face it, a strong physique is a desirable asset. It’s not only an attractive feature but also reinforces mental strength. It’s well and good to visualise this image, but a problem exists of how one exactly goes about this transformation. Many people make simple mistakes which slows progress.

Getting muscular has more than aesthetic advantages. Improving overall health reduces chance of sickness and allows greater focus throughout the day. The symbol of the ideal body is often considered with a perfect set of abs. Before I learnt how to achieve a toned six pack, there were a few fundamentals I needed to understand.

First, know never will you be in peak physical condition all year around. It isn’t possible, and even professional body builders and athletes max their potential for short competition periods. Like me however, you can still have a toned, great looking body that can be retained. You can work hard until the cows come home, but without lifestyle and habit changes little progress will be made. Wanting a killer pair of abs takes sacrifices. I had to cut out the junk food, the big nights out on the booze and balance my meals. This is where many people fail, but if you want to unlock your full potential you have to be committed to change.

If you want the elusive six pack, then don’t make my mistake and only concentrate exercising one isolated area. Sure, sit-ups and crunches will help shape your abs, but it definitely shouldn’t be the sole focus. You really want to start with the right exercises, and there are four big ones that hit hard in working those muscles. Squats, Dead Lift, Flat Bench Press and Clean and Press. Good fitness including jogging also accelerates this target area.

You can be just like me and get truly shredded. It’s staying motivated, because nothing happens right away. It took me a few months before I saw…

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